What will happen?

What will happen at my first treatment? (duration 1.15hrs to 1.30hrs)


During your first visit we take the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, your medical history and your health and lifestyle. This is to ensure your treatment plan is a perfect match for your specific circumstances.



You will be asked about your symptom

Onset and history

Location, pain (Level and type)

How your condition affects you

What helps it, what makes it worse


General Health background

Current medication, supplements

Medical treatment/tests you have had

Medical history, illnesses, operations, accidents

Questions about you: sleep, appetite, mood etc


Health Lifestyle questions

Eating habits and diet

Family situation

Work, leisure and hobbies

Family health history


Pulse and Tongue diagnosis

Pulses are felt on both wrists

Tongue is observed


A treatment plan will then be designed specifically to address the diagnosed imbalances in your body and acupuncture points will be chosen and used in your first treatment.


Your preparation for your first treatment

Ensure you have eaten a light meal before you come for treatment.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing as many of the points used are below the knees and on the arms as well as the stomach and back. Your modesty will always be respected and you will be draped with towels as appropriate to the treatment.

Bring a list of your current medications.



Keep an open mind. Everything you have to say is of interest to me and your feedback and response to the treatment guides me in refining your treatment plan. Your involvement is an integral part of the healing process. There is clear evidence that when people feel actively involved in the treatment, there is a more beneficial outcome.


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