Just some comments from clients
This patient is 76 and has been suffering from chronic osteoarthritis of the knee, feet and recently lower spine (5 treatments completed)


"I found Mrs Wrench to be a very calming person in herself. She is warm, sympathetic and reassuring. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the course recommended through circumstances beyond my control. But from the treatment I received I was able to reduce my painkilling medication by half and my condition has certainly improved." 

Jo Worsley


Person Writing
"I was recommend to veronica by a friend, even though I had never really considered acupuncture before, I was amazed at how quickly the treatments worked. I had a frozen shoulder which started 2 years previously, during the second part of the second year I had almost unbearable pain and soon became immune to pain killers. After just the first treatment I could move my arm more than I when I first walked in to the clinic and by the time I had finished my course of treatments (6 treatments) my mobility had improved 99% and there was no more pain. There had been a period of about 6 months when I couldn't even dry my own hair. There were more 'miracles' to come, my hair and skin improved noticeably, my friends noticed as well as myself and my mood was lifted through the roof, I hadn't realise how depressed I was, until it had gone. Lastly but by no means least, I stopped biting my nails which I'd been doing since I first had teeth. Even now months later I'll only find myself pulling at them if I've split them doing gardening etc. and then I stop almost immediately because for the first time in my life I find biting my nails quite disgusting. I found veronica to be very professional and calming, so calming I think I could have gone to sleep as soon as the treatment was over, and I would and do recommend Veronica and acupuncture to all I know, thanks Veronica."
Gwen Davies of Penymynydd



“I visited Veronica with severe lower back pain and with no experience of acupuncture. She explained what she would do in precise detail and was very supportive given my fear of needles. After the third treatment there was a clear lessening of the pain and a sensation of warmth that had been previously lacking in my lower back. I would have no hesitation in recommending Veronica to anyone considering acupuncture given her skill, manner and professionalism."

David Grieve



“I have had 2 treatments with Veronica following 8 weeks of persistent lower back pain and accompanying depression. I very soon noticed an improved sense of morale and within a few days of the second treatment my pain had considerably diminished. I found Veronica's manner calm, soothing and professional. She explained the treatments clearly and I felt confident in her expertise.”

Valerie Thompson



An 81 year old lady presented for treatment with severe headaches.


"I suddenly started having severe headaches, normal medication only took the edge off. I went to my Dr who recommended Acupuncture. After the first treatment the headache improved for a while. With the second treatment my headache vanished amazingly and has not returned. Having been apprehensive about acupuncture I found it not all unpleasant and would thoroughly recommend Veronica Wrench for this treatment."

R.R. Freegard of Whichurch