Veronica Wrench

My name is Veronica Wrench and I graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture at Salford University, gaining a first class BSc Honours degree. With this qualification I was able to became member of the British Acupuncture Council, the UK’s largest and most respected professional body for the practice of acupuncture. Their Codes of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice ensure my patients are guaranteed highest possible clinical standards.

A successful 20 year career in the pharmaceutical industry enabled me to gain a great understanding of western medical conditions and their treatment. This knowledge combined with my acupuncture training ensures I can take a practical and holistic approach to many aspects of health and wellbeing.

The current western medical approach to managing people’s health tends to be focused on resolving symptoms and sometimes as a consequence the patient’s needs are not fully met, as the patient’s ability to be part of the process gets lost in the technical necessity of following guidelines and adhering to best clinical practice. Many of the common conditions I treat such as anxiety, depression and musculoskeletal pain are those the NHS, with limited time and resource, can struggle to deliver for you the patient.


When you, as a patient, feel involved in your health care, you generally have a better outcome. My motivation is to enable you, with support, to regain control over managing and improving your health and wellbeing through traditional Chinese acupuncture in a caring, empathetic and professional environment.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture works through treating the root cause of illness as well as alleviating the symptoms. In fact, its origins in China were as a preventive medicine. It works on the principle that any pain or illness is caused by imbalances in the body blocking the flow of vital energy, or qi. I am able to rebalance the body with the use of needles allowing it to heal and repair itself.

This explains why many patients with low back and knee problems treated with traditional Chinese acupuncture go on to suffer fewer relapses than those treated with conventional western medication and physiotherapy.

My approach is a very personal one. This means that you as a patient are always at the centre of the entire process and kept fully informed at every step. I appreciate that every one of patients is an individual and I treat them as such.


Continual Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a mandatory aspect of membership of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). Defined as; continuous learning throughout our professional careers that supports the maintenance and enhancement of our knowledge, skills and attributes needed for effective, safe practice. It is a requirement in common with all health care professionals.


  • During 2010-11 I completed a foundation course in Therapeutic Acupuncture and Musculoskeletal work with Phil McQueen (Brisbane), specializing in aspects of muscle release and relaxation, supporting patients with shoulder, neck, back and leg problems.


  • First Aid update training and a weekend workshop with Beverly de Valois  (fellow of the BAcC) exploring acupunctures potential to help people adjust to life after a cancer diagnosis, added to my scope of practice.


  • 2012-13 Having completed several pervious workshops with Jani White and Debra Betts, in Gynecology and Fertility and acupuncture in pregnancy, I joined the Acupuncture Childbirth Team in the North West (ACT NW). This continuing training enhances safe, effective practice in Women’s health and fertility.


  • A further valuable course in Advanced Therapeutic Acupuncture with Phil McQueen was also completed this year.


  • In 2014 I renewed my First Aid training and completed a 4 day workshop in Dublin with the world renowned Dr Tan in Balanced Acupuncture, which is particularly valuable for pain management. Joining the Zita West group as an affiliate acupuncturist in late 2014 further supports my work in all aspects of fertility and women’s health.


  • In 2015 I completed futher Postgraduate training to became an affiliate member of the Zita West fertility group. Extending the depth of quality care and guidance I can provide for my patients experiencing conception difficulties.